This year our second group worked hard to make their visions into reality and established four sustainable startup companies in internationally mixed groups. They have created the products during the three workshops that took place in Berlin, Barcelona and Helsinki respectively as well as on three different learning environments – company, school and eKampus. The groups have been supported by their own company mentors and teachers.


The first workshop of group 2 took place in Berlin in November 2021. In the Berlin workshop students started planning their products in a design workshop. They also created a business plan for their products and went back to their home countries with an idea of a product and business. In between the workshops teams met on eKampus and created a business model canvas for their startup company.


The second workshop took place in Barcelona in March 2022. In the workshop groups created prototypes of the products that they started planning in Berlin. During the workshop students also learned about sustainable materials and practiced making them themselves. They were able to use these self-made biomaterials in their prototypes. After the workshop Dutch students started producing the products at their school in the Netherlands.


The last workshop in Finland was all about marketing and selling the products that groups created. During the week groups did marketing on social media, practiced selling and even did a test-selling at Mercuria. The workshop ended with students selling the products at a shopping center in Helsinki for two days.

Altogether four startups were established during the second round of this project: Ecopress, Lunch Fold, Smag and Travel Garden. Their products were cookie mold for pets, folding lunchbox, recycled leather handbag and portable flowerpot respectively. You can shop these handmade and sustainable products in the project’s webstore: Thank you for supporting our project!