Creative Minds project includes two groups with different students from Germany, Finland, Netherlands and Spain who create sustainable startups in international groups. The first group established four startups: Lush Wood, Hang On, Travelnality and Quicket that sell their products in the Creative Minds Store  
The first group has now finished their project in virtual workshops. The last workshop was held in the end of May where we looked back on each startup’s journey from dreams to reality. The original plan was that group 1 would participate in three workshops, in Finland, Netherlands and Germany. Due to the COVID-19 we were only able to organize the workshop in Finland. The content of other two workshops was modified so that it could be implemented in online workshops.  
The virtual workshops focused on the marketing, sustainability and product design of the startups among other things. Every startup managed to make products that will still be for sale in the webstore until the end of this project or until products last. Most importantly students have improved their international, digital and entrepreneurial skills during their time in the project. Although the implementation of the project has been different than originally planned, we have also reached results that we have been hoping for from the beginning. 
Thank you to our amazing students who participated in the first round of this project! In the autumn the project continues with group 2 whose project hopefully includes three workshops, in Germany, Spain and Finland.